Offer aerial photography to your
clients and earn more!

Capture stunning aerial photographs and videos without the cost,
compliance or need for a drone licence.And you own the copyright.

  • A new income stream
  • Sell to your existing clients
  • Attract new clients
  • A new service and product you can offer
  • Capture beautiful images and videos from the air
  • Stunning landscapes, scenery and property shots
  • Create a powerful marketing tool,social media content and brochure images
  • Inspire your customers and capture their imagination

Contact me today to find out how you can start earning and selling
aerial photography in your business

How does it work?

I fly the drone while you take the pictures to create unseen footage that will bring your images and marketing to life. You capture and own beautiful images without the cost, compliance or need for a drone licence.

You get all the benefits of selling aerial photography without any of the hassle…

  • No set up costs required
  • No drone insurance required – it’s expensive!
  • No need for specialist drone training
  • No need to worry about the regulations – I’ve got them covered


I’ve got all you need to start offering aerial photography to your customers today.

Contact me now to find out how.

Contact me, Thomas Haywood on: | 07968 085609