Aerial Photography & Video

For Guest Houses and Tourism

Discover how aerial photography can improve your business

Aerial photography is an incredible way to make your guest house, hotel or resort stand out from the crowd

This innovative form of photography brings your venue to life

When you’re marketing and promoting your venue, you need to stand out from the competition. You also need to inspire potential customers and get them to book with you. Aerial photography is the solution.

Beautiful, eye-catching photographs that increase your bookings

Market and promote your venue

  • Aerial images of your property let guests put themselves in the picture
  • Showing the layout of your grounds and facilities helps them plan their stay
  • Capture beautiful gardens and outdoor activities from their best angle
  • Stand out with unusual and eye-catching vantage points.

Internal and external images

Inspire your customers and increase your bookings

I can take stunning indoor images of your property and offering. What really sets my service apart from other photographers is my aerial photography. I can take wonderful images from the sky. This gives your customers a unique view of your property and the surrounding area.

Maintaining and extending

Save money and keep track during renovations

Not just for marketing, aerial photography can be a huge help if you need to repair, renovate or extend your property. Get a detailed view before you start and see the changes as things progress.

It’s also a great way to save up to 80% on the cost of scaffolding when making checks on roofs, chimneys and guttering, and there’s none of the hassle and disruption for you and your guests.

Special offer for hotels and attractions

All the benefits of aerial photography for only £600

We’re offering you an incredible deal on our photography package. You’ll get all the stunning aerial photographs and beautiful interior shots you need to update your brochure, your website and your online profiles, for £600.

Video and editing services are available as well, so you can add on your own custom video advert and really make an impact.

We believe that aerial photography brings your images to life and gives your guests a whole new perspective on their holiday.

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