Aerial Photography

For Building and Construction

Discover how aerial photography can improve your business

Aerial photography has grown in popularity and demand over the past few years in the building and construction industry

A highly effective and informative form of photography it brings your images to life.

Whether you’re marketing and selling a site and development or looking to capture detailed information about the site and build progress, aerial photography is the solution.

High definition, detailed images you can plan and sell with.

Plan, share and sell your development with drone photography

  • Get detailed visualisation of your site before you start to build
  • Marketing and selling your development
  • Identifying maintenance issues, you can’t reach or see
  • Save up to 80% on the cost of hiring scaffolding
  • Capture the story of your build with a time lapse photoshoot


You can benefit greatly from aerial photography in a number of ways.

First of all, if a contractor, sponsor, or backer wants to see the progress of a job, an aerial shot would best portray the work that has been completed. You can also capture images that enable you to visualise the site before you start to build and identify any potential unforeseen challenges.

Benefactors want to see progress, not be told that progress has occurred. In order to show them that the job is underway and making progress, give them an aerial photograph.

Through aerial photography, no corners can be cut and no details can be left uncaptured.

Marketing and branding

Aerial photography offers you the opportunity to capture rare and fantastic images you can use in your marketing and branding.

It is rare that photographs are shot from an aerial vantage point. Since they are so rare, most people find their eyes drawn to shots with a bird’s eye view. Increase your visual appeal by utilising unique aerial photography.

And if you’re travelling even further afield, Edinburgh Airport is less than 20 miles away along the Bypass.

I believe that aerial photography brings your images to life and gives clients, partners and investors a whole new perspective of your development.

Discover how aerial photography can improve your business

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