When the sky is no longer the limit

Aerial photography has grown in popularity and demand over the past few years.  A highly effective and informative form of photography it brings your images to life. A new view and a new perspective, aerial photography gives you high definition, detailed images you can plan, share and sell with.

Why hire a drone

  • Get detailed visualisation of your building, development and site

  • Aerial photography enables you to get a bird’s eye view of your site. Capture stunning promotional images and video footage. Help facilitate the design development plan of action.  Great for building inspections

  • Marketing and selling your development

  • Capture fantastic, stunning images that bring your development to life and capture your customer’s and investors imagination.

  • Identifying maintenance issues, you can’t reach or see

  • 80% cheaper than scaffolding our drone can enable you to identify potential issues and maintenance problems that only a cherry picker or scaffolding will enable you to see. Quicker, easier and safer than either of these options we can also capture images you can then document and work from.

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